Eliza Davila has been in the industry as a professional makeup artist with 13 years expierence in makeup design, collaborations,  makeup application for film, print, digital and runway. Her passion started in her early years as she was highly influnced by her father, an artist and musician. His studies of art history and oil painting drew her in with curiosity and triggered the beginnings of her vast imagination. She learned to paint and draw, and developed an obsession with form, in particular the human face. Pop culture and supermodels of the 80's and 90's influenced her passion as well. She would eventually transform her love of art into becoming a makeup artist. 

She began her career in 2003 in makeup and never stopped going. She is now a spokesperson and artist for Sephora, and is a part of the Sephora PRO Artistry team.

Eliza is inspired by emotion, fashion, and art. Her artistry is cinematic and impactful, with an intuitive sense of texture, color, and light. She is a creative force that propels new ideas and concepts of artistic expression